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Cowabunga Canyon

We had so much fun at Cowabunga Canyon Waterpark (located in Las Vegas — South Summerlin Area)! Here's our family's review!

What Can Young Kids Do At Cowabunga Bay Canyon?

I have to kids — 4 years old and 6 years old. My 4 year old is 40" and could do Piñata Place (large play structure with slides), Buckarroo (toddler area), and Cactus Cove (the lazy river). See more details about these below.

My 6 year old is 46" and could do all of the things my 4 year could do plus most of the bigger slides. The bigger slides allow riders 42" and above to ride a double tube with an adult. 48" you can ride alone.

My 4 year old rated Cowabunga Canyon a 6/10. My 6 year old gave it a 10/10.

Piñata Place

Piñata Place is a large structure with 3 large slides (must be 40" to ride them), several smaller slides (not positive the height requirement on the smaller slides, but I think it was 36"), bridges with tons of water coming down, and "sprayers" to spray water.

The water in Piñata Place is freezing! My 4 year old was chattering his lips so we had to take towel/sun breaks.

There is a ton of water coming down in the play structure — like too much water! I went in with my boys and the visibility was so low because it was so much water coming down. Plus, there is a HUGE bucket of water that dumps every couple minutes and it's a little overwhelming! I also didn't love the sprayers on the side of the play structures. Older kids would stay on the sprayers and spray us a ton as we walked by.

Did my boys have fun in the Piñata Place slides, yes! BUT getting to the slides was a little miserable with all the water dumping down.

There have a lot of shaded areas around the kid area which I loved, but the visibility as a parent sitting in the shade is very limited. If you have older kids you may feel comfortable just letting them go play, but with my younger kids I was with them in/around the play structure the entire time because from the side I was not able to see them.

Piñata Place

Buckaroo Bay

They have a little toddler pool and three slides. The three slides you must be 30" to ride. The water at this little pool is warm/comfortable! We spent just a little time there becuase my kids are too old, but the warmer water was nice! Younger kids will love it.

Bukaroo Bay

Cactus Cove (Lazy River)

The Cactus Cove (Lazy River) at Cowabunga Canyon was a huge hit with my kids! They only had a couple double tubes, so I would plan on only being able to get a single tube.

They provide free life vests and do recommend kids wear them in the Cactus Cove, but I did not see many people use them. We were right with our kids in the tube so we didn't use them either, but they are available for free if you would like.

The water in the lazy river was also comfortable — not too cold at all.

Large Slides at Cowabunga Bay Canyon

At Cowabunga Bay Canyon they have several larger slides. Most of these slides are 42" to ride a double tube with an adult, or 48" to ride alone.

My 6 year old loved them! The slides he was able to do weren't "scary".

How much does it Cost?

Depending on the day you go, tickets can be as low as $25, but most tickets are over $30, especially on weekends.

We went using our POGO Pass! Each POGO Pass includes a free visit to Cowabunga Bay Canyon OR Cowabunga Bay. POGO Passes are $50 each (with my code SARAHLASVEGAS) and includes free entry into 15 venues/attractions! I highly recommend it! The POGO Pass made it an affordable way to go the Cowabunga Bay. You can read more about POGO Passes here.


Parking is $10. Season pass holders park for free.

Is a season pass to Cowabunga Bay worth it?

Season passes to Cowabunga Bay are $100. It includes entry to both locations.

With a season pass you also get free parking, 15-minute early entry, and park discounts.

For younger kids, under 42" I think a local park and recreation pool is less expensive and just as good! My 40" inch, 4-year-old had a great time, but he was just a little too small to go on the larger slides. He gave Cowabunga Bay Canyon a 6/10. For him, I think a season pass is not worth it.

However, my 46" 6 year old absolutely loved it. He was able to ride almost everything in the park (the larger slides he had to ride with an adult), but he had a great time. For kids over 42" I think a season pass could be worth it!

For our family, we decided we'll get a season pass when both my kids are over 42".

Does Cowabunga Bay Canyon allow food and drinks?

They were SUPER STRICT with allowing food in. I had 2 fruit snack bags and 2 protein bars and they were not going to allow them in. My son has food allergies so they allowed it, but I was a little frustrated that they wouldn't even allow little snacks in for kids.

I also brought a sealed, store-bought water bottle for each of us and they didn't have any issues with those.

Lockers at Cowabunga Bay Canyon

We rented a locker when we were there, but they were expensive! A small locker costs $12 a day, but they also have larger sizes (see photo for prices).

Is Cowabunga Bay Canyon clean?

I thought as a whole it was clean! However, the bathrooms were not clean.


A policy I did not like was that boys 3 years old and older can not go into the women's restroom! Luckily I was with my husband who could take my boys, but something to note if you are going without a male adult — your young boys will not be able to go with you!

We did find a family restroom at the beginning of the park, so something to consider if your young boys need to use the restroom and you don't want them to go alone.

And like noted before, the bathrooms were not very clean.

Cabanas/Shaded Areas

I was really impressed with how many shady areas they had! We didn't have an issue finding a couple chairs under a shaded area in the kids play area. They also have a huge grassy area with a shade covering.

They do offer cabanas, but I didn't notice anyone using them. They start at around $180.


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