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Little League Baseball, T-Ball, and Softball

Spring little league baseball is coming up! The registration deadline for most of the leagues in Las Vegas is in January so if you're thinking of having your kid play this spring take a look at registration details now!

Find your league

The first step is finding your league! Use the official little league website to find your league (it's super easy — just put your address or school address).

Once you input your address it will give the little league you are assigned too as well as their website to get registration deadlines.


Once you find your league, their website should give you help on knowing what level your child should be depending on their age. For example, my youngest son just turned 4 and will be starting t-ball this year. My 6 year old will be doing machine pitch. Make sure and register before the deadline (usually in January).

You have to be "baseball age 4" to start playing. Here's a chart from to determine your baseball or softball age. In our league, our t-ball teams are co-ed (but check with your league).


Getting kid's sports gear can be overwhelming to know what gear to get! Double check with your league for requirements, but this is the equipment we've purchased and liked!

We choose this bat because we wanted something light weight for our 6 year old (it's hard for young kids to swing with heavy bats!). We really liked this bat, I definitely recommend it!

Comes in several colors to match your kid's favorite color.


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