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Open Rewards Las Vegas

There’s an awesome new way to support local small businesses while also providing you a way to earn money back! It’s called Open Rewards.

Open Rewards is open in several cities across the United States. It was created to help small businesses that needed help after the detrimental business effects from COVID-19. Open Rewards has partnered with the city of Las Vegas — you can see the official press release here—to help these businesses, while also providing an incentive for you to shop local!

Earn 10% money back for your purchases at participating businesses

The process is as easy as downloading the app, purchasing items at a participating local business or restaurant, and receiving 10% money back for your purchase!

There are over 100 businesses currently participating, and more being added!

The 10% money back is not paid by the businesses. When you go to a participating business you pay for your order or items as usual. You will receive the 10% cash back through the app (you can link your credit card so Open Rewards can see you made a purchase or you can upload the receipt).

Within the app you can also choose how you would like your rewards payout method — Venmo, check, or PayPal.

$50 in Reward Vouchers from city of Las Vegas and using code SARAHLV

The city of Las Vegas is currently adding a $25 rewards voucher to your account! The money from the city of Las Vegas will be added with 48 hours of creating an account.

Plus if you use my referral code SarahLV you’ll get an extra $25 in reward voucher added! That’s $50 of rewards money you can claim after making a purchase(s) at participating local business!

How to download the Open Rewards App

You can download the app for both iPhones and Androids. Once you download the app you can create a profile and select how you would like the app to recognize your purchases and how you would like to to get your rewards payouts.

More Questions about How the App works?

Within the app there are awesome tutorials to help you understand how to use the app! Check those tutorials out!

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