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Red Springs Boardwalk

If you’re looking for beautiful Red Rock views without the hike this is your place! Red Springs Boardwalk is a .55 mile loop around a meadow at the base of Calico Basin. The entire loop is a wooden boardwalk so it’s stroller and scooter friendly. A significant part of the loop is shaded by trees, while the other part is right up next to the gorgeous mountains. They even included educational signs along the way.

It took us 30 minutes to do to the loop and we all loved it so much we did it one more time. I highly recommend going!

They also have restrooms and a dozen picnic tables under a pavilion.

Getting There

It’s located just outside of the Red Rock Fee Station (in the Calico Basin turnoff) so it’s free! You can find it in Google Maps listed as “Red Springs Picnic Area”. There is a parking lot with lots of parking spaces.


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