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Silverton Aquarium

The Silverton aquarium holds more than 117,000 gallons of water and has thousands of tropical fish as well as sharks and stingrays! At select times and days, they also have a mermaid shows and interactive stingray feedings.

The Silverton Aquarium is open 24/7!

Silverton Aquarium Cost

The Silverton Aquarium is a free to visit! The mermaid show and stingray feedings are also free!

Silverton Mermaids

At select times they also have mermaids swimming in the aquarium!

The current Silverton Mermaids current schedule is (updated July 25, 2023):

Thursday, Friday, Saturday | 12PM - 1:15PM, 2PM - 3:15PM and 5PM - 8:15PM

Sunday | 10:30AM -12:45PM, 2PM - 3:15PM and 5PM - 6:45PM

Silverton Interactive Stingray Feeding

During the interactive stingray feeding you can ask questions that a diver in the tank will answer! The fish and stingrays are very active at this time since they are feeding them!

The current stingray feeding schedule is 1:30 and 4:30 daily.

Other Things to do at the Silverton

Steps away from the Silverton aquarium is Bass Pro Shops! My kids love walking through the shop and seeing the taxidermy animals (like elephants, giraffes, and lions!). There's also a pretend toy "shooting range" (similar to one you'd see at a carnival).


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