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Toytopia is a traveling exhibit currently at @springspreserve. It’ll be there until January 3.

The exhibit is full of info about some of the most popular toys, plus you get to play with them too! Some are even life size, which makes it even more fun.

Some of the toys include Battleship, Connect Four, Potato Head, Lincoln Logs, Lite Brite, Lego, and Etcha Sketch.

They also have an arcade with working games — including my favorite, Ms. Pac-Man.

It’s a really fun exhibit for all ages, even adults! I know we’ll be visiting several times while it’s here.

Ticket Info

Entry to the Toytopia exhibit is included in your ticket to the Springs Preserve. Tickets are $9.95 for adults, $4.95 for children (ages 3-17), and free for children ages 2 and under. They are open Friday - Monday.

Things to Note

Children 9 and under are not required to wear masks (although it still recommended).

We spent just under 2 hours in the exhibit.


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