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Trails Park

This park is a perfect toddler playground. And this park actually has TWO playgrounds — one by the pool and another playground by the baseball fields. They are separated by a little walk so it makes you feel like you are going to two parks in one trip which is always fun.


The playground by the pool has sand, but don't let that stop you. It's a great playground. Plus, I love how the playground is in a recessed area so it's kind of "fenced in".

The other playground is a space theme. It's located by the baseball fields. This one is also more recessed and creates it's own little area which I love.

Both playgrounds have beautiful mature trees around them to give nice shade, especially during the summer. The area is so beautiful and in a safe area. There are two parking lots.


There are two parking lots. You can't go wrong going to either parking lot, but if you're going to go to both playgrounds I would probably park in the main larger parking lot.

Splash Pad

It also has a small fenced in splash pad area.

Other Park Features

The park also has baseball fields, basketball courts, swimming pool, and large grassy area.

Things to do Nearby

The Summerlin Library is just minutes away from this park. Our favorite donut shop, Mazoa Donuts is also just across the street.


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