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Trigono Hills Park

Trigono Hills Park is one of our favorite parks in Las Vegas, it's such a fun and unique park. The playground is really fun and colorful, plus it’s right next to the mountains so the scenery is gorgeous.

Trigono Hills Playground

The older playground is mainly a rope playground. It has some really fun climbing structures and a huge turning chair.

It also has a unique hill in the back with a climbing bridge, hoops to climb through, balls to climb, and a huge slide!

The younger playground has a slide, a few other fun structures, and musical sections.

Trigono Hills Splash Pad

The Trigono Hills splash pad has a huge spider with water jets spraying from the sides; jets coming out from the ground; little creatures with water coming out like a waterfall (the little kids especially loved them); and a tall snake and leaf with water jets coming out.

It’s a big space and I love that there are short walls on the edges of the splash pad to sit on and block it off from the parking lot.

The splash pad is not shaded.

It's open May 1 - September 30 9am - 8pm.

Things to Note

I wish the younger playground wasn’t right off the parking lot (no gate or wall) but the older playground is tucked farther away.

The younger playground and older playground are separated by the splash pad so it may be hard to keep and eye on multiple kids if they split up on the two playgrounds.

It's a new park (just opened a few years ago) so everything is in good condition.


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