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Arbor Park

This park is a hidden gem in a Summerlin! The park is surrounded by beautiful trees and grass — it has such a peaceful vibe.


The playground isn’t huge but the pretend play structures are the highlight of the park! It has a truck, 12-seater train, animal bouncers, gas station, and excavator.

The park is mainly sand, but don’t let that scare you away! Bring your sand toys.

There's lots of benches at the park to sit back and watch your kids.

The playground is not shaded so keep that in mind for the summer!

The playground has a section for toddlers as well.

Nearby Walking Trail

There's an amazing walking trail you can take from this park that goes all the way to Treetop Park!

Other Park Features

The park has tennis courts (you can sign up for lessons here) as well as a basketball court.


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