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Cougar Creek Park

Cougar Creek Splash Pad

The Cougar Creek Park Splash Pad is such a unique splash pad in Las Vegas — we love it!

It has a “river” with wheels you can spin and dams you can open and close as the water runs down. It was a huge hit!

I recommend bringing a toy boat to float down the river.

The splash pad also has a large area of fountains to run through.

The sign says it’s open April 1 - October 31 from 7am - 10pm.


The Cougar Creek Playground is a fun classic playground with an outdoorsy and musical theme.

It has a bunch of slides, musical sections, two zip lines (one that is a chair), and a fun “rolling” slide.

Other Park Features

Cougar Creek Park is huge! In addition to the playground and amazing splash pad, it has large grassy areas, lots of walking trails, two pickleball courts, a sand pit, and several picnic table areas.

Things to Note

The adult fitness section is in the same area as the playground. Usually they are in a different area and it felt really odd to me to have adults with no kids working out right next to us.

There’s no shade or seating around the splash pad.

The splash pad isn’t gated, but it’s a decent distance from the parking lot.


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