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Craig Ranch Regional Park

If you’re looking for a new park to check out, this is the park! There are so many things to do there you’ll be there for hours.


Craig Ranch Park is the biggest park I’ve ever been to — it’s 170 acres! It has countless playgrounds with every playground feature you can imagine. Plus, they had some really fun concrete slides. My kids loved it.

The playgrounds are spread out across the park so you’ll have to do quite a bit of walking. Bring a stroller if you have little kids.

Ducks and Geese

There are water ponds with tons of geese and ducks. When we were there there was lots of poop on the sidewalks, but I've heard they do clean the sidewalks occasionally so we were probably there on an off day. You are not allowed to feed the birds.

Other Park Features

It has a HUGE skate park, 3 dog parks, 2 lighted competition baseball fields, a tennis court, volleyball court, basketball courts, amphitheater, and community gardens.


They have several parking lots, but I recommend the main parking lot you enter on Craig Road. The main parking lot is MUCH closer to all the playgrounds.


This park isn't unsafe, but it's not your "neighborhood" park so I would recommend going with another adult so you're not alone with your kids there.


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