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Exploration Peak Park

Take a trip to the Old West at this cute western themed park! My kids LOVE going to this park.

Exploration Peak Playground

The playground is huge! There’s lots of slides, enclosed high walkways to explore, and things to climb.

They also have swings, sand area, teeter totters, and a carriage.

Near the back of the park there's a slide that goes through the pretend mountain — it's one of the highlights of the park for my kids. They also love to climb the pretend mountain (which gets scary for me! but they love it).

There's a shaded sand area with fun pretend reptiles.

There's lots of wood chips at this park so I'd wear tennis shoes, not sandals.

Most of the playground is not shaded so during the summer it gets really hot here!

The playground has tons of these walkways in the "pretend town" that the kids love to run through.

Exploration Peak Splash Pad

The splash pad is set away from the playground. It has water fountains around an old west water well — I liked the vibe of it! It’s surrounded by shaded picnic tables and trees.

Other Park Features

This park is HUGE. Tons of grass, walking paths, and it even has a 2,864 foot-high Exploration Peak you can climb.


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