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Fox Hill Park

Fox Hill Park, located in Summerlin, is a colorful and unique park — you won't find your traditional playground here! The park is an adventure and climbing park so it is comprised of rope towers and climbing structures. I recommend this park more for older kids (5 years old and older). My kids are on the younger side so we visit this park here and there, but it's not our "go-to" park. However, for older kids this park would be SO much fun.

^There are two huge slides and zip-lines that are really fun — I even like to go on them!

^If you are going with younger kids, the younger kid section is in the back of the park. Plus they'll love the metal drums and rope swing.

In addition to the playground they have tons of grass to run around and even a disc golf course.

^This is a 32-foot climbing tower!


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