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Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

Mini Grand Prix Pricing for Tickets and Wristband

If you go when it's not busy, I recommend getting the 60-minute unlimited wristband. During the time frame, you can ride as many karts and rides as you would like. The 60-minute wristband costs $28.

If you go when it's busy, it may be better to just pay per ride. They load the go-karts pretty slowly, so if you get an unlimited wristband when it's busy you won't get as much "bang for your buck." Ride tickets start at $9.75 each. Each ride as a different ticket price (some are just 1/2 a ticket, others are 1 ticket).

Also, if you have a child that needs to be accompanied on the rides you just need to buy one wristband for the both of you.

Go Karts

They have four go-kart tracks at Mini Grand Prix.

Go Kart Track

The main Go-Kart Track is a 5 minute ride and has double seated seats available if you have younger kids. To ride alone you must be a minimum height of 54”. If your kid is under this height they must ride with someone who is at least 14 years old.

Kiddie Karts

The Kiddie Karts are our 5 year old's favorite thing to do at Mini Grand Prix. This 3 minute ride is perfect for younger kids that want to ride a go kart alone. To ride they must be a minimum height of 38”, but no taller than 54”.

Sprint Kart Speedway

If you have older kids (at least 54” tall) they can ride alone in the Sprint Kart Speedway. Our kids are younger so we haven’t tried this one, but it looks like fun!

Euro High-Speed Karts

If you have older teenagers (at least 14 years old) or an adult that wants to ride fast, these are your go karts! These go karts go up to 47 mph.

Mini Grand Prix Rides

They have 3 amusement rides and 1 huge slide. Each has their own height requirements (see below).

^Tornado Twister

38” to 48” ride free with an adult, minimum of 48” to ride alone.

^Dive Bomber Airplanes

36” to 42” ride free with an adult, minimum of 42” to ride alone.

^Dragon Roller Coast

36” to 48” ride free with an adult, minimum of 48” to ride alone.

^Super Fun Slide

Up to 42” ride free with an adult, 42” to ride alone.

Games and Arcades

After our wristband time is up we like to stop inside and play a few games in the arcade.


They have food and drinks, but we have not tried them.


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