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Red Rock Arcade

The Red Rock Casino & Resort Arcade (Cyber Quest) is one of our go-to things to do in Las Vegas!

Red Rock Resort Arcade Prices

Prices for games vary, but most are 100 or 200 points. Our favorite game, Skee Ball is only 50 points (I think the only game that is 50 points).

In order to play the games you must get a game card and load it with points.

Here's the cost for the points. With our two boys we typically load our card is $25. (100 points = $1).


Tickets are all digital and loaded to your card.

They have a prize center where you can redeem your tickets.

Red Rock Arcades

There are two arcades at Red Rock Casino & Resort. A large arcade near the movie theater and a small arcade inside the bowling alley. Both arcades take the same point card.

The large arcade has a good variety and amount of games!

The small arcade in the bowling alley has an air hockey table. It's only 100 points and it lets you play a long time so don't miss it!

Red Rock Casino & Resort Arcade inside the bowling alley

Red Rock Bowling


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