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Nature Exchange at Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve has as a fun nature exchange program for kids!

It’s free to participate (with paid admission ticket/membership)!

Each visit your child can bring up to 5 nature items to exchange for points. With the points they can trade for all kinds of nature items that the Nature Exchange has (it’s mainly cool seashells and rocks).

The point value is subjective — the more excited and involved your child is about the items the more points they will give them.

They will open a “points account” for your child so they can save their points if they are looking to save up for a larger point item.

Here are the trading rules! They want you to bring bugs & insects (dead), fossils, minerals, plant parts, rocks, and sea shells.

It’s located in the Nature Exchange Building at the Springs Preserve. Thursdays - Mondays, 10am - 3pm.


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