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Things to do at Springs Preserve

My family loves the Springs Preserve. Here's things to do at Springs Preserve

1. Train Ride

Ride a train around the Springs Preserve! While you're on the train ride you'll hear a history about early Las Vegas.

2. Nature Exchange

At the Nature Exchange you can exchange up to 5 nature items and trade them for cool rocks and seashells (and more). It's a blast. Here's more details about the Nature Exchange.

3. Playground

We love this playground! They have fun climbing structures, slides, musical section, and sand.

4. Crack a Geode

Pick a geode and then an employee will help you crack it in the machine! It's so pretty inside. There is an extra cost for this ($5).

5. Boomtown 1905

Take a trip back to Las Vegas during the 1900's! You can walk in and explore a bank, mercantile, cottage, hotel, theater, train depot, and club.

6. Toddler Time

Toddler Time at Springs Preserve is every Thursday, Friday, and Monday at 11am. They have a craft and story based on that day's theme — it's great!

7. Origen Museum

The Origen Museum houses a quarterly traveling exhibit, live animal exhibits, flash food exhibit, and exhibits about early Las Vegas.

8. Water Works

Water works gives you an insight into water and water treatment in Las Vegas. You even get to see real pipes underground, it's super cool to see!

9. Animal Exhibits

Throughout the animal exhibits you'll see lots of different animals and reptiles, including tortoises, snakes, and even a cute fox!

10. Nevada State Museum

Did you know the Nevada State Museum is located at the Springs Preserve?! It's included in your admission ticket. You'll see all sorts of Nevada History items including fossils, old Las Vegas casino items, and early Las Vegas settler items.

11. Splash Pad

Opening seasonally, this plash pad is perfect during the summer. it's a cute butterfly and flower theme. Here's more details about the splash pad.


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