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The Neon Museum

About The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is an outside museum boneyard full of retired, iconic Las Vegas signs. The museum is packed with various signs - some that even still work.


Tickets are $10-$28 depending on your age and when you go. "Museum for All" tickets are $3. Kids 6 and under are free.

Reserve your tickets online because they often sell out. During the day you can walk through the museum at your own pace. At night the tickets include a 45-minute group tour. We did the night tour, which I recommend.

It’s is a little pricey for a small museum, but I recommend it.

Best Time to Go

We went right before sunset and I LOVED that time. We were able to see the signs both in the light and in the dark when some of the signs you can see lit.

What to Wear

The museum boneyard is outside so dress accordingly. Most of the flooring is dirt so I wouldn't wear sandals.

The museum with kids

The museum is family-friendly, but my little kids were a little bored, so it may be better as a date night.

They do have STEAM Saturdays for kids at the museum. We haven't been but I've heard great things about them. More details here.


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