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Petroglyph Wall Trail

Petroglyph Wall Trail is the shortest trail in Red Rock Canyon (just .15 miles). It took us under 30 minutes to complete. On the trail you get to see petroglyphs!

Tips for hiking Petroglyph Wall Trail with Kids

Petroglyph Wall Trail is a kid-friendly trail. No drop-offs and minimal elevations — the hike is pretty flat.

Not stroller friendly. Has loose gravel and some bigger rocks.


Petroglyph Wall Trail is located in Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. Petroglyph Wall Trail is very close to the popular Lost Creek Children's Discovery Trail, so if you are looking for another hike to add to this short trail that is a great one!


Parking is right in front of the trailhead.

Entry Fee

Red Rock Canyon Reservations required through May 31 and there is a $15 per car entry fee (we get the $30 annual pass).


Restrooms are located at the nearby trailhead.


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