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Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center

The Red Rock Canyon Visitor is a must see when visiting Red Rock Canyon. My kids love when we visit here!

At the Red Rock Visitor Center you'll find interactive exhibits, gorgeous views, tortoises, and a Junior Ranger statue scavenger hunt.

Interactive Exhibits

At the Red Rock Visitor Center the Interactive Exhibits are great! The information is easy to understand, plus the exhibits are so visually appealing! The exhibits go in depth about earth, air, water, and fire.


The Red Rock Visitor Center is home to many tortoises! You'll see them in their natural habitat, and if you're lucky you'll get to see the staff feeding them — getting an even better look at them! Plus, the staff is more than happy to share info about them with you.

Wheelchair and Stroller Friendly Red Rock Views

If someone in your group needs a stroller or wheelchair the Red Rock Canyon Discovery Plaza is a great place to get outside and see gorgeous views, without the hike. The entire visitor center and Discovery Plaza are concrete paved — so definitely stroller and wheelchair friendly.

Junior Ranger Statue Scavenger Hunt

My kids love the statue scavenger hunt so much — we’ve done it countless times! When you get inside the visitor center grab a Junior Ranger book (it’s free) and badge at the info desk. In the book you’ll find a scavenger hunt. They often don’t have pens so bring your own marker for the kids to mark off the statues in the book.

Reservation and Fees

There is no additional charge to enter Discovery Plaza — it’s included in your Red Rock Canyon entry fee.

You must make a reservation at before visiting during Oct. 1 - May 31.

Things to Note

The visitor center is at the start of the Scenic Drive, so if you are pairing it with your hike you must do the visitor center first. The scenic drive does not loop, there’s just an entry and exit.


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