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5 Summer Essentials for Kids in Las Vegas

The summer heat is here! Here are my favorite hot weather items to help make the summer more enjoyable.

These hats from amazon are our favorite! We have used this brand for years — they are great quality especially for the price. I love how many colors they come in. We let the boys pick their favorite, and it totally helps them want to wear them.


I like to have multiple pairs of sunglasses for everyone so that we always have them.

These colored sunglasses from Amazon are my kid's favorites.

Quay Sunglasses have been my favorite for me lately — I have this pair in black and tortoise!

Stroller Fan

When you're going for a walk, or strolling through the Springs Preserve we love to have these stroller fans for the kids to help them stay cool.

Water Bottles

We ditched all of our plastic water bottles and got these instead — we love them! These medal water bottles keep water cold, no bottle sweating, and the water doesn’t taste like plastic.


My kids love native sandals. They are a must for splash pads and for pool days. They like both the Jefferson version and Charley (sandal) versions.

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