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Build-A-Bear Count Your Candles Pay Your Age Bear

My kids love Build-A-Bear, especially on their birthdays! With Build-A-Bear's Count your Candles, Pay Your Age program you can get a special birthday bear at a special price!

How Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age works

On your child's birthday month, bring them to Build-A-Bear to make a Birthday Treat Bear for the same price as their age. For example if your child is turning 4 that month, the Birthday Treat Bear will cost $4. The Birthday Treat Bear regularly costs $14, so the younger your child is, the better deal it is!

An adult must sign up for a free Build-A-Bear Bonus Club account before arriving (it's easy!).

Do you need to show proof of age?

No! We've never been asked to show proof of age.

Is there anything else that comes with the Birthday Treat Bear?

Yes! At the store they also have FREE birthday crowns and birthday stickers for the birthday child!

There are no discounts on clothes or accessories.

Can you pick any bear with the Pay Your Age program?

No. With the Count Your Candles, Pay Your Age program you can only get an age discount on the Birthday Treat Bear available. Every year they switch up the Birthday Treat Bear, so it's fun to collect them each year. We've made a Birthday Treat Bear since they started the program 4 years ago — it's one of my kid's favorite birthday traditions.

Here's the current Pay Your Age Birthday Treat Bear! He has Happy Birthday written on his feet and presents.

Can I order a Birthday Treat Bear online?

No. You have to purchase the Birthday Treat Bear in store. Build-A-Bear is all about the experience, so I recommend always making your bears in store. You'll get to help stuff your bear (by stepping on the fluffing machine button), add a heart (and make a wish) to your bear, pick a name, get a birthday certificate, and "bathe your bear". You also have the option to purchase a bear condo box for $0.95 (I recommend getting the bear condo box — my kids always have fun coloring the box for their new special friend.)


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