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Gilcrease Orchard Pupmkin Patch

The Gilcrease Orchard Pumpkin Patch is open for the season!

Until October 31st you can visit the orchard for a corn maze, pumpkin patch, and fall treats. We had a blast!

Things to Do

The corn maze was so fun — we did it twice!

The pumpkin patch has a variety of pumpkin types and sizes. Some are just on the side, and some you need to cut — I recommend bringing scissors. They are 50 cents per pound.

There are no hay rides this season.

Things to Eat

They have two apple cider donut options: cinnamon sugar and cinnamon frosting.

They have two ciders : apple and pear. Get both, they are so fresh and delicious!

You can also buy almond butter, kettle corn, and caramel apples.

Things to Note

Wear sneakers. You’ll be walking through lots of dirt and hay.

Bring a stroller or wagon. The pumpkin patch is on the opposite side of the donuts & corn maze so there’s lots of waking. Plus, all the wheelbarrows were taken when we got there so our stroller helped us carry everything.

There are no bathrooms, just porta potties.

They are open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday 7am - 2pm. Free entry, including the corn maze! Pay for food and pumpkins.

The weekends are VERY busy so go on the weekdays if you can. On Saturday when we went there were tons of cars that had to park on the nearby streets. The checkout line and donut line each took us 15 minutes.


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