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Ice Skating at Downtown Summerlin

The Rock Rink (Ice Skating Rink) is open at Downtown Summerlin November 11, 2022 - January 16, 2023.

Skate Aids

Last year they only had 6 skate aids (the red ice skating walkers) and you can not reserve them online — first come first serve. My kids and I have never been ice skating so I don’t think we would have been able to skate without them!


$16 per person for 75 minutes of skating. They recommended making reservations online. Skate aids are $5 for 30 minutes.


They have skates staring at toddler size 8. My two year old’s shoe size was too small so they have skates that strapped on the bottom of his shoes.

Things to Note

They do not have helmets to rent — we brought our own. A helmet is not required, but we needed all the help we could get 😅.

My 2 year did not enjoy it — he only lasted 15 minutes. My 5 year old loved it but only lasted 30 minutes. It didn’t go as smooth as I expected, but we had a great time and it’s a memory we’ll always remember!

Dates & Hours

See the dates and hours open on their website.


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