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Las Vegas and Henderson Splash Pads

The hot Las Vegas summer heat is here, which means it’s splash pad season! There are so many great splash pads in Las Vegas — here are some of our favorites.

Trigono Hills Park Splash pad is bug themed, including a huge spider with jets shooting down! This splash pad is so great for little kids that don’t want to run through jets — it has little creatures that have water that pours out. For older kids, there are tons of jets to run through as well! pad is a bug-themed splash pad is located in the Lone Mountain area. It features a huge spider jet to run through, jets on the ground, and water that comes out of cute creatures. This is a really great one for younger kids who don't love the water in their face (they can play with the creatures that have water spit out).

If you ask someone in Henderson what their favorite splash pad is, most will tell you Reunion Trails Park! This splash pad is huge with tons of unique jets and water features to play with. They also have a unique water stream that your child can walk in.

If there is one new splash pad that you check out this summer let it be Cougar Creek Park! This splash pad is one of the most unique splash pads in Las Vegas. In addition to your traditional water jets to run through, it also has a river with dams and water wheels that your child can play with. It’s located in Southwest Las Vegas.

Exploration Peak Park Splash Pad is a western themed splash pad in Mountain's Edge. It has a bunch of jets surrounding a pretend water well. I love all the shaded seating around the splash pad!

Paseos Park splash pad is one of the most popular splash pads in Summerlin — and for good reason! This splash pad is huge and has lots of various water jets to keep things fun for kids.

South Tower Park Splash Pad is a huge area with tons of fun jets.

Eagle Canyon Park is a crowd favorite in Skye Canyon. The splash pad is small, but it has some colorful water jets and a fun pretend water well that makes it unique. Plus, one of my favorite features is that the park is fully gated! There are less than 10 parking spots and street parking is not allowed, so have a backup park in mind in case all the spots are filled.

Knickerbocker Park is located near Providence and Skye Canyon. It's an older park and splash pad, but still has some fun water features to play in.

Echo Trail Park Splash pad is located in the Southwest. I love the colorful jets surrounding the splash pad.


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